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Subject: Classification of the mine(hea
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yunus4 13.06.10 - 09:52am
The scholars may Allah have mercy on them classified mine into 3,viz:1.the sound mine:is a mine dat is free from deeds dat antagonized wat Allah order us 2 do or nt 2 do.it is d mine dat is filled from love for Allah & his messenger,it is cautious 4 Allah,does nt seek 4 help 4rom any being except him,love 4 Allah,hate 4 Allah,give 4 Allah, and do things only 4 Allah sake nt bcos it want 2 b praised or afraid of being blamed.(2)dead mine:this is d direct opposite of d sound mine(3)the ill heart:this combines d 2 characteristics.it is alive but hv problem.it is aware of Allah,it fear Allah,it do things 4 Allah sake,& defend on Allah.At d same time it has pride,jealous,hypocracy, and other forms of evils. *

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