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Subject: Beware(important)
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mohsin11 20.07.10 - 06:27am
Please send this message to all your contacts.
Beware of the following websites





These sites have been Devloped by JEWS.
Who intentionally Spread WRONG information about The Quran, The Hadith and The Islam.

Please spread this information to all the Muslim brothers an sisters around the world.
Always check the Source of any Islamic Website even if it is very convincing.



The new AMERICAN Quran: a dangerous trick a new Quran is being distributed in Kuwait title! D 'T he True Furqan'

You cant Ignore this, send it to as many muslims as you can.
Join Islamic Group http://Kawakib.wapgroups.com Kawakib *

al_shifa 9.09.10 - 06:53am
thnx 4 the info.i really think these guys r trying 2 spread wrong islam.anywy Allah is there 2.He promised 2 protect it *

ladan99 16.09.10 - 04:48pm
Assalamu alaikum. Thank u 2 raising dis issue, please check mobile Quran softwares, bcos some are ommiting some verses. Bcos d 1 dat i have wrote ALBaqara in Q. C2.v.141. In d arabic context. Instead of Tilka ummatun khad halat...... Iam still checking. Insha Allah i would get d source of d software. Wassalam! *

mdsrsd 3.03.11 - 05:07pm
asalamu alaikum. my advice to all the frnds is as we have our precious quran why should we check abt islam in internet. *

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