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Subject: meetin women
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poet786 30.11.07 - 09:01am
wat is the proper islamic way 2 meet decent muslim girls without goin 2 hell *

crash786 21.12.07 - 07:56pm
In muslim countries u'd c a girl ask family 2 investigate her her family and background and if she passes u would send over delegates 2 negotiate a meeting obviously with a mah'ram u could do it here but odds are they'd laugh in ur face *

aalia786 11.02.08 - 10:25am
I still maintain that the best way is the traditional arranged marriage where the boy and his family go to a girls house to ask for her hand.thats decent and stops us frm beating around the bush putting ourselves in line of zina which could be avoided.such a relationship wil be full of love,harmoney n understanding isha allah *

zunz 6.03.08 - 07:02am
Jazakalla 4 ur tawts *

attari 4.04.08 - 11:06am
if u hv valuable jewelery,u wil show to publc or put in safe n hide.as women is a valuable jewelery,so she need PARDA,n safty. *

kazy4ge 29.05.08 - 04:53pm
d best way 2 meet a lady is simple cos ur intention matter alot. provided ur heart is pure. *

khalid_c 31.05.08 - 11:55am
There is no harm in meeting girls,provided u dont cross the boundaries as prescribed by our religion.. *

diran03 8.06.08 - 02:21pm
D best way 2 meet an Islamic lady is d ways prescribed by QURAN n HADITH of d Rosullulah ( saw ). *

a313 28.06.08 - 01:36pm
Muslims have proper religion .we all should follow ISLAM in all aspects of life *

pun1sh3r 29.06.08 - 05:06pm
I support the 1st and 2nd reply to this topic..let me just add that there is nothing wrong or immodest if the girls family comes forward.when they are interested then they may see eachother and then agree or disagree to marriage..but meeting non-mahran is totally off bounds whether the intention is good or bad,yes when in need(not marriage) then it should be done with modesty.. *

firen 9.07.09 - 12:55am
im still wondering if theres any decent people still around... From the stories u hear i doubt id find a proper woman today *

habz2 22.08.09 - 06:55am
Ya Rabbi save us from sins of all sort. Have mercy upon Us. U r the all Knowing. *

a4h_love 27.08.09 - 06:35pm
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.Plz tel me bout pardah in islam btwn men nd women? *

a4h_love 27.08.09 - 06:42pm
Almghty Allah knwng what we do, what we wl do, our past, presnt, nd future.Allah protct us frm shaitan's fitnah.ALLAHUMMA INNI A'AUDHUBIKA MIN FITNATIN NISA E WA AZABIL KABR,MIN FITNATISSHAITAN,MIN FITNATIDDUNIYA. *

poet786 17.09.09 - 10:00am
Jazakallah 4 all ur tawts brothers and sisters *

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